Post and discover exciting project finance in the construction and real estate industry in Nigeria.

Hausworth Nigeria Limited owners of 365 Property Portal is a business networking site dedicated to the discovery, development and harnessing of Project Finance and investment opportunities in the Nigerian real estate industry.

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Architectural & Town Planning Firm

Are you an architectural firm with designs for the construction of an estate, office complex, airports and entertainment centre and you seek local and international investors (government and private) for your project?
Our platform takes you a step further to achieve your targets by advertising your project to potential investors from across the world.

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Facing constraints on public resources and fiscal space, while recognizing the importance of investment in infrastructure to help their economies grow, governments are increasingly turning to the private sector as an alternative additional source of funding to meet the funding gap. Projects that could be conceived under that is arrangement includes: Residential Estates, Roads, Airports, Hotels, Hostels, Stadiums, Recreational Parks, etc.

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Investors & Real Estate Developers

Private-sector technology and innovation help provide better public services through improved operational efficiency.
Get exciting investment opportunity in the real estate and construction industry in Nigeria from both private and government source on our website.

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