PVC Ceiling Panel Production in Nigeria; The Opportunity.

PVC or Vinyl, as it is commonly called, is used in the variety of commonly consumer products. Vinyl is used in building products such as vinyl ceiling, PVC pipes, windows and doors, roofs etc. It is established amongst scientist that there is no other plastic that possesses such direct environmental and human friendly as PVC throughout its entire product lifecycle.

Polyvinyl-Chloride (PVC) is a plastic product which has matchless versatility. It effectively replaces wood, paper and metal in several applications. As such pvc ceiling panels have been progressively replacing conventional gypsum ceilings.

One of the primary reasons many contractors, property developers and home owners choose PVC Ceilings, is the fact that once installed, it is totally maintenance free and pretty much unaffected by damp and water.

Because PVC Ceilings and PVC Suspended ceilings come in a wide range of colors and textures, it offers the opportunity not only to replace a ceiling for ceilings sake, but also enhance the overall appearance of any house or room.

Due to the excellent insulation properties, the PVC composition of the ceiling panels, offer effective insulation helping to reduce energy costs. This is because of the hollow core structure of the ceiling panels. This simply reduces head transfer. This also offers some added benefits such as the perfect sound insulation.

In Nigeria, there are infrastructure investments in construction sector which highly require PVC ceiling panels as input. In the housing sector alone, it is estimated that there is a deficit of 17-19 million houses.

The product is continuously showing a tremendous growth prospect and has a continuous rise in market. The reason of its extensive use is the versatility it provides and is used in various industries simultaneously including Aerospace, Communications, retailing, Textiles and construction business.

The demand for PVC ceiling panels in Nigeria has been identified to continue to expand as the standard of living of the over one hundred and seventy- five (175,000,000) million population growing at the rate of 5.7% per annum continues to grow.

From the above figures, it is clear that there is a large and sustainable market for PVC ceiling panels in Nigeria.

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