4 Rooms
4 Stories
3 Baths
2 Garage
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On application, give a good description of what your design will look like. Upload your survey plan to give us better description of your land, dimensions, shape, entrance gate location etc.
However, if you don’t have this document and your land is a regular shape (square or rectangular) you can do sketch with dimensions and upload it when applying. If you want us to provide a survey plan for you, you can place your request.
1. You’ll receive an acknowledgement mail containing details of the commitment fee payment
2. After commitment fee payment, you’ll receive the presentation plan as well as the invoice of all the services being applied for.

Price List For Custom Architectural Design
Building Type Price Range
Detached bungalow ₦55,000.00 ₦75,000.00
Semi-detached bungalow ₦65,000.00 ₦85,000.00
Detached duplex ₦85,000.00 ₦105,000.00
Semi-detached duplex ₦130,000.00 ₦150,000.00
Detached duplex with penthouse ₦150,000.00 ₦170,000.00
A stories building with four flat ₦75,000.00 ₦95,000.00
Two stories building with six flat ₦85,000.00 ₦105,000.00
Three stories building with eight flat ₦100,000.00 ₦120,000.00
Three stories building with penthouse ₦120,000.00 ₦ 140,000.00
Warehouse, High Rise, hotel, mosque, church, school, hospital, shopping complex and Special projects not stated above No Fixed Price No Fixed Price
NB: A commitment fee of ₦10,000.00 will be made before further actions will be made on your request. This fee will be deducted from the total cost.
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